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How To Live A Balanced, Successful Life
Ron Hood believes the Bible is God's success manual. In this book, he teaches you how you can enjoy a balanced, successful life, giving attention to all six areas of life.

Scripture Memory
These materials have been used of God to help many people in their personal lives, families, and ministries. You can gain victory over worry and evil thoughts and increase the effectiveness of your witness for Christ.  

Gospel Book - Fellowship With God (available in English and Spanish)
This colorful 32-page booklet has Scripture and diagrams that explain how you can have your sins forgiven and enjoy fellowship with God now and throughout eternity.   Click the title to view or read it now. You may read Fellowship With God online or request a free copy.

A Handbook on Health is a 128-page book by Ron Hood that teaches natural ways to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and increase energy without pain, pills, physicians, or prescriptions.  This book is written from a Biblical perspective and is based on research from twenty-nine other sources.

Bible Correspondence Course

Family life 

Dramatized Bible Stories
These thirty-minute stories on cassette tape are suitable for all ages.  They are produced by professional actors and are rich with sound effects.

Daily Devotional Guide on Music
What the Bible teaches about music, How to read music and play the piano, Helps for songleading and hymnplaying The contents of this book can help you spiritually. Glorifying God in all areas of life, Spirit-filled living, and memorizing Scripture are taught and emphasized.

Great Is The LORD
These 23 hymns and songs of testimony will teach you of the LORD's greatness and goodness and help you to thank and praise Him. A variety of presentations: mixed ensemble, ladies ensemble mixed quartet, men's quartet, duet, solo, instrumental.

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You may read or request a free copy of Fellowship With God. Click the title to view or read this 32-page booklet.


We are praying for and working towards your spiritual success (Joshua 1:8)

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