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Foreign Missions

The Hood family ministers in 25 to 45 public schools in Jamaica or one of the other Caribbean islands each year. In each school, they put on a 30-45 min. program of singing, quoting Scripture, and preaching. In addition to their ministry in the schools, the Hood family also ministers in churches and helps missionaries and national pastors as much as possible.

For more information about our mission work, write or call to request a picture brochure or a video about our school ministry.

If you would like to make a donation, make your check payable to Spiritual Success Institute, and designate your gift for missions or the project of your interest. We will mail you a receipt and a thank-you letter.


Evangelist Ron Hood has a five-minute broadcast on two radio stations in the Caribbean.

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Evangelist Ron Hood or his son James go to churches in the U.S. and other countries for one service or one day (Sun. morning and evening services) to preach on Scripture memory and to teach people a simple, proven method for successfully memorizing and retaining Bible verses.

Ron Hood preaches four to eight-day meetings in churches with series of messages on the family, finances, soul-winning, the balanced Christian life, and other subjects. He preaches in missions conferences as well.

Ron Hood conducts a seminar on health in churches. He teaches much of what the Bible has to say about health and the body; and he teaches natural ways to lose weight, increase energy, lower blood pressure, and prevent sickness and disease. The seminar can be given in one to four hours.

Both Ron and James Hood conduct revival meetings and soul-winning conferences. Ron and James are available to preach in Christian school chapels, camps, and youth meetings.

More information on Ron Hood and his family.

Bible Correspondence Course

Spiritual Success Institute offers a free Bible correspondence course through the mail. This course presents Bible truths in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Each lesson has diagrams and drawings that illustrate the Bible teaching. A beautiful certificate is given to each student upon completion of each level of the course.

There are four levels for children (32 lessons) and five levels (81 lessons) for teens and adults. These lessons can be used in Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, and prison ministries in addition to being used by individuals or families. The lessons are an excellent tool for teaching new Christians, but people at all levels of spiritual maturity can benefit from them.

Spiritual Success Institute only offers English lessons, but this Bible correspondence course is available in other languages from Source of Light Mission in Madison, Georgia, USA.


We are praying for and working towards your spiritual success (Joshua 1:8)

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